Mouse Intestinal Colonization, inflammation and disease

Mouse Intestinal Colonization, inflammation and disease

To assess the ability of human commensals and microbiota (E. coli and additional intestinal bacterial species) in antagonizing pathogens (P. aeruginosa and other intestinal bacterial pathogens) in the mouse gut, bacteria will be introduced in conventionally reared or antibiotic-treated and immunocompromised mice before and after pathogen infection to investigate their ability to stop the pathogenic microorganism from colonizing and cause disease. The following assays will be used to investigate these aspects of bacterial interaction to suggest probiotics and chemicals as novel therapeutic interventions against intestinal infection, inflammation and tumorigenesis:

(A) Mouse colonisation assay for bacterial interactions

(B) Mouse survival after neutropenia

(C) Mouse intestinal pH protocol

(D) Protocol of bacterial inflammation and cancer in mice